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Under Review - Orical Esports Recruitment - Bountyhunter9687
First Name: Jon

Nick Name: Bountyhunter9687

Steam Profile URL:

Age: 16

Country of Residence: Canada

Role(s): Entry,Lurker,Support

Faceit Level: Level 5

ESEA Rank: Rank C

Hours Played in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.: 4100

Weekday and weekend availability (with time zone): Weekdays - 4:00pm (16:00) - 10:30 / 11pm (22:30/23:00) EST
Weekends - Saturday - 11am - 11pm (23:00) EST  Sunday - 1:30pm (13:30) - 11pm (23:00) EST

Previous teams: HellFire eSports

Past team experience and achievements: Haven't had too many serious teams and my latest team that was serious (HellFire eSports) ended up having some issues when one of our players could no longer play.

How would you describe your playstyle?: At times I like to play aggresive but can also slow down the pace and play slow and wait for the aggression from the opposing side as needed.

What are your greatest gaming strengths?: I believe that my communication with teammates is one of my better strengths.

What do you consider to be your weaknesses?: Sometimes I can get a little tilted but I usually try to keep it to myself and try to keep that away from the team.


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Under Review - Orical Esports Recruitment - Bountyhunter968700