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Under Review - Orical Esports Recruitment - Andyy
First Name: Andy

Nick Name: Andyy

Steam Profile URL:

Age: 17

Country of Residence: United States Of America

Role(s): Entry,AWPer,Lurker,Support

Faceit Level: Level 3

ESEA Rank: Rank C

Hours Played in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.: 2800

Weekday and weekend availability (with time zone):
Every single day after 4:30 cst (but weekends i can start whenever you want) I literally threw away my soicial life bc of cs  Heart Heart Heart

Previous teams: UnchartedGG, Tide Esports, UnknownGG, Pussy Slayers Esports, Denial Esports, Osiris Esports, and others that in the past

Past team experience and achievements: I've played at lans, coached players, played in the last 2 seasons of ESEA open and IM, and figured out how to not tilt during games

How would you describe your playstyle?: It depends on what the strat clalls for tbh

What are your greatest gaming strengths?: The ability to not tilt, lots and lots of patience, above average game sense, and what I believe to be pretty good ass aim.

What do you consider to be your weaknesses?: Perfect communitcation (But I'm trying really hard to work on it)


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Under Review - Orical Esports Recruitment - Andyy00