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Under Review - Orical Esports Recruitment - Ch1lled_Pyro
First Name: Patrick

Nick Name: Ch1lled_Pyro

Steam Profile URL:

Age: 15

Country of Residence: USA

Role(s): Entry,Lurker,Support,Coach

Faceit Level: N/A

ESEA Rank: Rank C

Hours Played in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.: 2741

Weekday and weekend availability (with time zone): Weekends-All day
Monday and Friday 2-3 hours
Tues-Thurs ~1 hour

Previous teams: SID, Cosmic

Past team experience and achievements: I have played every role and done extensive bootcamps\thoerycrafting with previous teams.

How would you describe your playstyle?: Objective based; Its not about the frags, its about getting the rounds

What are your greatest gaming strengths?: Focus and Mentality

What do you consider to be your weaknesses?: My gear :/


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Under Review - Orical Esports Recruitment - Ch1lled_Pyro00